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All about PORCELAIN ♥


Finally, all the info about PORCELAIN!
* You can read this text in Spanish and French here in my facebook page or here in my blog too. *

ONLINE ~ MAY 1st 2012
Starting on MAY 1st 2012, and coinciding with the Barcelona Comic Salon, my graphic novel PORCELAIN will be available to read online for free!
One page will appear daily (Monday to Friday) in English, French and Spanish!
And… Surprise!
Once the online publication finishes it will appear a Printed Edition in Spain by Norma Editorial, with a bunch of unpublished extra material, including an Epilogue, deleted scenes, extra mini-chapters, new illustrations and many more!
This edition will be available in the Barcelona Manga Salon in October :)
PORCELAIN tells the story of Beryl, a girl who lives with her aunt and her cat in the middle of the desert and gets trapped in the Dollhouse, a changing and mysterious house that hunts children to turn them into dolls.
It is a metaphor of how the mind can be a prison and how we create our own limitations inside our heads. That we don’t have to be afraid of living and fulfilling our dreams and that we only need objectives and passion/commitment.
You can follow it through my facebook page!
Thank you for reading!
And be careful… Dolls Play You! :D
Maria Llovet.
Note: The translations of Porcelain to English and French are not professional, please excuse us for any possible mistakes.