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Yes I cosplayed a Lalaloopsy doll 

I’m actually that ridiculous

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I need a second opinion.

I bought this dress, and I liked it, but then I was trying it on at home to see how it looked with my shoes and stuff and when my mother saw me in it she completely flipped her shit. She told me that she’d never seen me look that bad in anything before, that it makes me look huge and shapeless and like I am “a ball with no waist” (Which I kind of am, or more like a cylinder with no hips and butt, but I guess she meant it does a really bad job at concealing it?) Then she went after my father, apparently he doesn’t like it either, but according to her he should help her give me shit so they can change my mind.

And I guess they kinda did because now I don’t know if I like or I don’t, I’m honestly confused. I’m leaning towards “like” because I think it makes me look like an extra from Carnivale, only cleaner, but I’m still not sure and I could always get my money back if I return it soon.

So… what do I do.

(The last picture is supposed to show the scalloped neckline, not my pissy bitch face)

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The day was just as grey and cloudy as it seems.

Coat - Zara. Shirt - Pimkie. Belt - H&M. Skirt, tights, handbag, hair bow, shoes - Primark. I’m actually wearing a red cardigan under the coat, but since you can’t even see it…

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Cotton cardigan with vinyl firefly brooch - Purificación García. T-shirt - Zara. Skirt - H&M. Tights and shoes - Primark. Pendant, earrings and headband - Bershka. Best handbag ever - Women’s Secret.

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I don’t like this one all that much, but I just want to post something.

BJD T-shirt from, black cut-off jeans from Zara (size 42 and they’re not even tight on me, I don’t know what’s with the sizing), tights that mysteriously appeared in my closet and I can’t recall buying, fingerless gloves from Claire’s, hair bow was a present, boots from Zara.

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Dress and cardigan - Mango (again, it’s a size L and most XL dresses from Mango don’t fit me. Always try shit on! It came with a belt but it was like 20 cm too small for my waist, I’m not exaggerating) Belt, tights, shoes - Primark. Fabric and yarn bracelets - Misako. Pendant (it has feathers and dried flowers inside) - Stradivarius. Nail polish is Kiss Goodnight from H&M.

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Dress and belt - H&M. Tights, shoes and hair bow - Primark. Necklace - not sure, Claire’s? Cardigan - stolen from my mom’s closet, I think probably Mango.

The dress is only a size L, which is fairly bizarre since most XL dresses from H&M don’t fit me. Just another reminder that if you like something, you should always try it on just in case, you never know.

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I want to start making OOTD posts again, even if I can only take pictures when I come back home at night in awful lightbulb lighting.

This is what I wore to class today.

Cardigan - Sphera. Sleeveless top - Mango. Skirt, belt, and leggings - Zara. Boots - Fosco. Pendant - Springfield. Hairband you probably can’t even see - H&M. Polished stone bracelet - it’s older than me, I believe it used to belong to my aunt. Nail polish is Essence #53. Mostly Spanish / European brands, as usual.