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Sure, let’s give this a shot.


Hey, first time poster here! Selkiesiun’s post, specifically the part about “nobody wants to read a comic with a fat female protagonist” made me think: would it be possible to come up with a list of people who WOULD like to see a ‘fat’ superheroine or at least a ‘normal’ one? How cool would it be to pull that list out the next time such a ‘critique’ was given? It probably wouldn’t change anything, but the artists seem so disconnected from the fans that it might at least be an eye-opener.

Okay, sure let’s give this a shot. :)  (And feel free to spread this around as much as you want so more people can throw in their hat)

Who would read a comic with a (well written, not for laughs) fat female protagonist?

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I always wonder if any of you think about me outside of the internet because I’m creepy and I think about you

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