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Jezebel on nail art. 

What on fucking earth do Jezebel commenters have against cashiers and our spangly ass finger art. What.

Here’s an idea ladies: maybe pick up an actual paintbrush and express yourself on canvas? Or an instrument. Or a pen. Saying nail art is a form of self-expression is akin to saying that reading Cosmo is a form of cultural enlightenment. Sure it might be fun and cute, but it saddens me that this is considered a valid creative outlet. We’re talking about a bunch of girls who probably have Audrey Hepburn posters on their walls and Katy Perry on their iPods. So I suppose a fingernail’s worth of swirly glitter would be an appropriate expression of the depth of their inner selves.”

Hey, Jezebel? Eat a dick.

Yay! Jezebel - Run by women who chortle at expressions of femininity, because if you’re not heaps busy writing hateful articles, bumping into shit and chipping your “basic manicure” then you obviously need taking down a peg or two!

"I don’t mean to demean you but you’re pathetic,” basically?