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The day was just as grey and cloudy as it seems.

Coat - Zara. Shirt - Pimkie. Belt - H&M. Skirt, tights, handbag, hair bow, shoes - Primark. I’m actually wearing a red cardigan under the coat, but since you can’t even see it…

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Cotton cardigan with vinyl firefly brooch - Purificación García. T-shirt - Zara. Skirt - H&M. Tights and shoes - Primark. Pendant, earrings and headband - Bershka. Best handbag ever - Women’s Secret.

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I don’t like this one all that much, but I just want to post something.

BJD T-shirt from, black cut-off jeans from Zara (size 42 and they’re not even tight on me, I don’t know what’s with the sizing), tights that mysteriously appeared in my closet and I can’t recall buying, fingerless gloves from Claire’s, hair bow was a present, boots from Zara.

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Dress and cardigan - Mango (again, it’s a size L and most XL dresses from Mango don’t fit me. Always try shit on! It came with a belt but it was like 20 cm too small for my waist, I’m not exaggerating) Belt, tights, shoes - Primark. Fabric and yarn bracelets - Misako. Pendant (it has feathers and dried flowers inside) - Stradivarius. Nail polish is Kiss Goodnight from H&M.

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Dress and belt - H&M. Tights, shoes and hair bow - Primark. Necklace - not sure, Claire’s? Cardigan - stolen from my mom’s closet, I think probably Mango.

The dress is only a size L, which is fairly bizarre since most XL dresses from H&M don’t fit me. Just another reminder that if you like something, you should always try it on just in case, you never know.

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I want to start making OOTD posts again, even if I can only take pictures when I come back home at night in awful lightbulb lighting.

This is what I wore to class today.

Cardigan - Sphera. Sleeveless top - Mango. Skirt, belt, and leggings - Zara. Boots - Fosco. Pendant - Springfield. Hairband you probably can’t even see - H&M. Polished stone bracelet - it’s older than me, I believe it used to belong to my aunt. Nail polish is Essence #53. Mostly Spanish / European brands, as usual.